Looking forward to the return of Autumn in my Vixen skirt and Supergiirl Tank
Looking forward to the return of autumn in my Vixen skirt and Super Girl tank from Skirt Sports

It’s time! Summer is winding down and so are the carefree, lazy days. It’s time to get back to the routine of fitness. Don’t get me wrong – I moved a lot this summer and don’t think I’ve lost much of my endurance despite my lack of “training”. In fact, I just ran 42 miles on a whim with only a handful of ½ marathons under my belt (my last marathon/long run was early May). So instead of my carefree days taking a toll on my overall conditioning, it actually refreshed me. I’m eager and ready to set new goals, develop new training plans and dedicate myself to making my 55th year the best year yet.

To my friends – you know, the always pushing, dedicated to the sport, maniacal runner friends: Don’t forget to slow down once in a while. Take a break. Enjoy the strength and endurance you’ve worked so hard for by doing new and adventurous things. Refresh your mind. Enjoy your family. Live your life. Autumn is almost here and guess what? Your fitness will still be there, patiently waiting for your return.