Feeling better and back to running again.

In the last 9 years I have run 132 marathons and ultras with my longest race 137.5 miles. With all that running, you would think that somewhere along the way I would have had some incredible race experience in which I could glean bits of wisdom to share with the world. The fact is, all my races where incredible in one form or another. Each one with its own unique challenges and rewards, and each very personal.

When people discover that I have some experience in the distance running world they always ask me the same question: which race was my favorite? And my answer is always the same: the last one I ran.

So when Skirt Sports asked me to talk about my most REAL race experience I quickly deferred to my standard answer…. My last one… and then I caught myself. Wait a minute! I didn’t run my “last one” ! I called in sick that morning! I was supposed to pace, people were counting on me, but I was dehydrated and feverish. I would be a much greater liability to the race director than a help. All that pace-specific training, my out-of-town race guests, the feeling of not honoring my commitment all weighed heavily on me when I picked up the phone. Calling in sick made this the most difficult and REAL race I never did.

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