I wonder how long this dollar will remain unclaimed?
I wonder how long this dollar will remain unclaimed?

Sometimes a casual walk through the neighbor can do more for you physically and mentally than a hard, sweaty workout. Today it was just the kind of activity I needed. The best part of a walking day is discovering things I may never see if running or cycling.

I’m calling my recent discoveries the Phenomena of Free Range Peanut and The Urban Dollar.

I live in downtown Olympia, Washington. It’s a small city, but a city none the less, filled with a very colorful crowd. My most recent walks take me down the waterfront and through main downtown. On these walks my dogs always start snarfing around in the bushes and emerge with a peanut! I’m not talking one peanut every day or so. Dozens of peanuts on every walk! It doesn’t seem to matter where we go: along the board walk, around a neighborhood, through a park. There are always peanuts. 

Then there’s the Urban Dollar. It’s been there for weeks. Right out in the open for everyone to see. Some days it’s   clear that it’s been examined – but there it remains. Pretty amazing considering all the homeless whom could probably really use the money. I’m curious to see how long it lasts.

Get out there, explore your town. Use your senses and see what awaits. It’s good for your mind AND body.