I first started running with one goal in mind: get in good enough shape to be able to do anything I wanted at any time with the energy and strength needed. If I wanted to go on a 5 mile hike, I’d be ready. Kayak after work? Bring it on. Run a 5k on Saturday- let’s go! 

Somewhere along the way I lost sight of my primary reason for running and I got swept up in the running life style.  

I’m ready for anything in my Skirt Sports !
 That’s not a bad thing, but as I progressively ran farther and more frequently  the “mega marathoner” culture took over my life. One, two, three marathons a weekend. A 50k or 50 miler every other month and at least two attempts at 100 miles per year. I was wearing down but addicted to the sport. 

Then I got injured. A simple walk through the neighborhood, an unfortunately placed pot hole, and I was out with a broken ankle for the summer. I was cleared for cycling fairly quickly and I could walk in my boot. That broken ankle was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I started cycling again. I walked and walked. I slept in on weekends. 

I started spending time with my dog – now 12 years old – we played and explored. My interest in dogs was renewed and I soon found myself rescuing a dog slated for euthanasia. Now the three of us walk and play and explore.

Two years have passed since that broken ankle. I truly believe I’m happier and more fit than ever. Yes, I’m running again but with balance and perspective. All that walking and cycling has allowed me to run less yet still compete in long distance races. AND I’ve returned to my primary reason for running in the first place: to live a life full of movement and adventure.